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EnableLove - Where people with life challenges enable their love

Where people with life
           challenges enable their love


We take privacy of our member information very seriously. The following is the description of our privacy policy:


a. In order to register for our service, you need to provide your name, email address, basic partner preferences, as well as demographics information. Upon successful registration you will be issued a login and password in order to use the service. No members of the EnableLove community will have access to your personal information and you will be completely anonymous until you feel it is appropriate to share your personal information with another member. In the future we may collect more information from our members in order to provide better matching services.

b. We will use your contact information to update you on new features of our service as well as to notify you of potential matches. Your personal information is also used in our search system to allow other members of EnableLove to find you; however, your contact information is never available to other members unless you decide to disclose it on your own. In the future in order to support and provide better service for our members, EnableLove may choose to change from free to pay-for-service model, in which case you will be asked for your financial information. This information will be securely encrypted and used to bill you for services that you decide to purchase.

c. Promotions and offers from 3rd party advertisers may be provided to you while you are visiting EnableLove site or via email. If you choose to accept any such offers, EnableLove may provide your information to the advertiser.

d. EnableLove is not responsible for the quality of content and privacy policies of other websites that are linked to any pages of the enablelove.com domain.


Acceptance of Privacy Policy
By using our service your are accepting the practices described in this privacy policy and terms of use. We reserve the right to modify this privacy statement at any time. Your continued use of our service constitutes your acceptance of any changes made to this privacy statement.

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